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The brand new jh anthology 'Morning Sun'.

A compilation containing tracks from the three jh albums 'Truth & Bullshit', 'Wanderlust' and 'So Much Promise'.

Contains the singles 'Next Time', 'Lucy's Party' and 'The Sky Is Breaking'; plus the eighteen-minute progressive epic 'Making Tea Is Freedom'.


14 songs and 77 minutes of music. Released by Bad Elephant Music, Morning Sun is available to pre-order as a CD with six-panel Digipak with sleevenotes by jh, and also as a digital download.

You can pre-order the album HERE.

Here's a 6-minute sampler containing some of the songs:

The 2013 jh album 'So Much Promise'.

Listen to the sampler, and if you like what you hear, you can buy on itunes, or order a CD copy below (with free mp3 or wav files). £10, free postage anywhere in the world. Includes 'The Sky Is Breaking'.

Click on the paypal button below, and make sure you specify if you want a signed copy, and whether you prefer wav or mp3 for the audio files. Or you can buy from itunes.

The jh single 'The Sky Is Breaking'.

The single from the 2013 album 'So Much Promise' comes with an exclusive non-album track called 'Barbican' as a 'B-side', (or whatever you call it nowadays).

Hear the song (and watch the video) HERE.

The jh single 'Lucy's Party' (Digital release. For a physical copy see CD above)

The second and final single taken from the album 'Wanderlust'.

A three-minute retro electro-pop ditty about a psychiatric patient's obsession with glamour model Lucy Pinder. Or, maybe it's really a statement about how, when it comes to selling magazines, natural beauty eventually gets replaced by vacuous airbrushing, surgery or both... WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!!!

The 2011 jh album 'Wanderlust'

1 hour and 20 minutes of eclectic music.

Includes 'Next Time', 'Lucy's Party', and the epic 40-minute, eight-part suite 'London Road'.


Free 'Wanderlust' album sampler:

The jh single 'Next Time'

Song from the 2011 album 'Wanderlust' Includes an exclusive track 'Aimless' which is NOT on the new album. Order digitally from links below.

Very limited physical CD's with basic packaging/artwork and extra exclusive track 'Lifts & Platforms' available for £3.

The 2008 jh album 'Truth & Bullshit.

Includes 'Rich Girl', 'Something's Happening Here', and the 18-minute progressive epic 'Making Tea Is Freedom'.

Only £6 for an hours worth of music.

Free 'Truth & Bullshit' album samplers: