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Fans of artists as diverse as The Who, Steven Wilson, Doves, Genesis and the Manics could well find tunes to adore...

"Prog-pop and kitchen-sink poetry at their most captivating" - Classic Rock magazine
"Fantastic - Sheer Englishness" - Francis Dunnery
"Terrific" - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

"With influences as diverse as Britpop, prog, post-rock and indie and much more, this compilation is the sound of a muse in a blender. As such it is stylistically diverse, but it works as a whole rather well, for it is held together by a keen ear for a tune and wryly observational and archetypal English lyrics often distilled through a metaphorical raindrop flecked window, keeping alive a modern pop tradition that goes back to the likes of Ray Davies" - Astounded By Sound

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'Morning Sun' is Jon Hunt's 14-track compilation from his three 'jh' albums. Stream tracks and order HERE!